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Alcatraz + Fisherman's Warf

Day 3


Sorry guys, exhausted for the night... I'll upload pictures later.


Okay lets start out with the view from our hotel... in the morning there is this dreadful smog/fog or whatever you want to call it. Although, it's quite a beautiful view at night. Today, at least, it was really sunny out.


Since it took me over an hour to upload just 3 photos... I'll have to upload more later when the internet stops being an idiot. So tomorrow then!


^firefox ad!^


^there was a pigeon inside the store!^


So we spent most of the day at Alcatraz. I'm sure you all know what that is, an old jail sitting on a rock outside of San Fran. It was pretty interesting, and depressing too.


^Don't pick up the soap!^


^the small little space that was the only outside area for the inmates^


^They finally got me, damn it!^


^those are from grenades... yup^


^An escape attempt started out with paper mache heads and digging holes in the wall with spoons, for real!^




^Time to go cause trouble!^


So mother and I found this cool little place with all these old (and some newer) arcade games. Some were as old as the early 1800's! It was very interesting.


^am I doing it right?^


Dinner! Sushi floating on boats...

Overall, it was a really interesting trip, but also kind of depressing too. Prison life is never fun, and they had some gory tails to tell about the place. If you ever visit Alcatraz, make sure you do the audio tour, it was amazing!

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China Town

Day 2


So today we slept in a bit and then I took a traditional Japanese bath. That means I sat on a little stool and dumped buckets of water over myself. Then I took a bath AFTER I had completely cleaned myself.


Then, we were off to China town! Now I have to warn you, some of these pictures are pretty explicit... apparently China has a thing for... erotica... but you'll see


^see what I mean? That's a whistle by the way^


^So mother and I went into this WONDERFUL tea shop where the young man there served us different teas for over an hour. We had oolong, jasmine, green, white, black, red, rose, pu-erh, EVERYTHING.^


^That cup of tea costs $800 a pound... EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS... mmm ^


^Asian Mary/Jesus!^


^so it begins again^



^if you can't tell, the background picture in this picture frame is a naked women just covered by a flower thing... yeah... ^

^Chairman Mao! He's all over the place!^


^that was in the hotel lobby^

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First Days

Always the most tiring

sunny 10 °C

So we woke up this morning at 5am and left at 6am. I lost track of time after we left, because we kept changing time zones. I won't say much today, because I've been up way too long with way too little sleep. I've taken some pictures already, and I'll upload them later. Tomorrow my mother and I are off to China Town. For now, our hotel is right in the middle of Japan Town (which is amazing yet tiny). Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go pass out.

UPDATE: So here are some of the pictures I promised... Japan town is silly, like Japan... and by silly I mean AMAZING. Take a look at some of the things I found.


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