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Golden Gate Park (Part 2)

Day 7


Part two! The museum!


^So they had a thermal camera in the snake exhibit. So of course, mother and I stand in front of it. Well that's me on the right, and Mother on the left. As you can see by our hands, I really DO have horrible circulation. The next picture is the backs of our hands. Woe is me!^


^Narwhal horn!!!^


^These were supposed to be suggestions on how you can help the environment. If you can't read it, it says (surrounding my own MIDDLE sheet)
Top: Turn Veggie! (or have a meat free day)
Top Right: Go Vegan
Right: Be a vegetarian and stop killing animals!
Bottom: Go Vegan, get a bike, grow your own food, use solar panels, recycle everything, get educated about the environment
Left: Eat rice, not meat. Actually, go vegetarian. ^


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Golden Gate Park (Part 1)

Day 7


Today was my adventures in the Golden Gate Park. It's an amazing and HUGE place. We focused on two places, a Japanese Tea Garden and the California Academy of Sciences (a science museum).


^Om nom nom! Eatin some flowers, no problem^


^Just me, causing trouble, trying to break open doors... no biggie^


^high five!^


Well that's it for the Japanese Tea Garden. I'm going to upload the photos from the science museum onto another post (part 2). And yes, I am being really lazy and uploading photos days after things happen, haha.

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The Castro Theater

Day 6

Today, we slept in quite late. Then we spent time in Japan Town before catching a bus back to the castro. Then we saw a double feature of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and Clash of the Titans.

I don't have many pictures, just a few of the garden outside our hotel and a few of the theater.


So the two movies were interesting. They were from 1954 and 1981. The theater was cool, although I'm not sure if it's as amazing as they say. I've heard that its worth seeing any movie you can just to go in the theater. I don't think this is true, there are plenty of other old and fancy places you can go for less than the $20 it took us to get in. Still, I liked watching the old movies, something I certainly wouldn't have done otherwise.


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Farmer's Market and The Castro

Day 5


So today we spent the morning at the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building. It was really cool! Bought a few things. Then mother and I went down to the Castro District, one of the biggest gay hubs in the country!!


^Street performers!^


And so our trip to Castro begins!


^the poor balloon!^


So I found this amazingly wonderful lolita shop... everything was so beautiful! Of course, everything was insanely expensive (hundreds of dollars) and I wasn't allowed to take pictures! Still, I got a picture of a dress in the shop window. And I found a girl who was randomly wearing a very lolita outfit (although far too pink for my tastes). Take a look!


^tabi style shoes!^

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Biking the Golden Gate Bridge

Day 4

Today we biked the Golden Gate Bridge. OUCH, my butt hurts soooo badly... plus it was actually really scary. They say you never forget how to ride a bike... yeah sure. I swear I almost hit so many people on that tiny bridge. We also biked around a few other places (on the way to the bridge). Afterwards, we spent time in Sausalito (across the bridge).


^mmmm, lunch^


^a hummingbird!^


^This is browny!^


^This is speckzy^


So some man started feeding the pigeons... then the seagulls showed up...


^the pigeons started to form an impenetrable line... people had to start walking around the mass, haha^


^Whitey! You know you love my super creative names... ^


^Hello Kitty alcohol! These pictures are from the grocery store we got dinner at ^


^Daikon raddish! How Japanese! They had leaks too, teheee ^


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